Inside one of Britain’s poshest villages where the average home costs £409,000


A tour of a village named one of Britain’s poshest has been given by its residents.

The leafy corner of Yorkshire has been labelled among the 54 most desirable places to own a house in the country.

People say its success is down to a sense of community, but its attractions and amenities show why it is attractive to those lucky to live there,

HullLive reports that Sutton upon Derwent, East Yorkshire is blessed with a popular pub, a highly regarded primary school, nearby countryside for walking, a tennis club and the famous Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club.

The historic local church is undergoing refurbishment, while on the road out of the village is an olde-worlde bridge, so characterful that you might almost expect to find a troll beneath its arches.

Living in the village, however, comes at a cost.

Houses in the village come with an average price tag of £409,071, the most expensive in East Yorkshire, according to property agents Savills.

Yorkshire Live spoke to locals to find out what it was like living there.

A long-serving family that runs the St Vincent Arms pub feel they have been central in helping the village become one of the most desirable places to live in the county.

The pub has been owned by brothers Simon and Adrian Hopwood for 32 years and their wives Christine and Clare help run the show.

Simon said: “Not to blow our own trumpet but over the last 32 years we think we’ve made the village quite desirable.

“We’ve had a lot of trade over the years and helped build it up. None of these houses around here were there originally.

“The village has probably doubled or quadrupled in size since we started.

“It’s all about good food and good beer and it’s built us a good reputation. Every time a house goes up for sale the estate agents always mention the St Vincent Arms.”

Simon pointed to the huge number of activities that happen at the village hall, often supported by the pub.

As well as hosting firework displays, retro car shows and beer festivals, the “very well supported” village hall also doubles up as a post office.

Simon said: “It’s just a great community village. There’s a lot of people that put a lot of effort into making it what it is and the new people that move in jump on that bandwagon.

“It’s a beautiful village and hopefully this new mention as a desirable place to live will bring in more trade.”

Dr Sarah Cooper said: “Here you’ve got access to countryside for walks as well as the seaside and it’s two hours from some of the major cities. Plus it’s quiet and of course people are friendlier up north.

“There’s a good mix of houses and families. If the houses were in York they’d be a lot more expensive so it is actually cheaper here.”

One property on the market in Sutton upon Derwent is the grade II-listed Westwood House, a 17th-century pile with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

It could be yours for just £1.5million or perhaps another four-bedroom property might be more within buyers’ price ranges at a more modest £550,000.

Frances Clacy, an analyst at Savills, told the Telegraph: “People want villages that have a bit of everything, from schools to stunning countryside, with accessibility to cities and transport infrastructure.

“Less well-trumpeted factors count too, such as the main road through the village should only lead to other villages.”